Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Diesel Shake

Having the name Vinny (or Vin) friends have sometimes nicknamed me after a certain actor for whatever crazy reasons. I figured that instead of naming this delicious morning breakfast the typical "Power Shake" or "Breakfast Shake" I would get a little more creative and hence, "The Diesel Shake" was born!

The shake consists of all natural ingredients with no refined sugars. It packs a healthy caloric punch with just under 300 calories (Carbs - 29 grams, Protein - 23 grams, Fat - 10 grams)

The fat may seem like a shock to you but remember that we're using all natural peanut butter which contains no added fat... only healthy fats provided by the peanut oil (no trans fats, very little saturated fats and heart healthy unsaturated fats).

You'll get great source of protein from the cottage cheese, peanut butter and yogurt. The yogurt also provides you with acidophilis (healthy bacteria that keeps your digestive system strong).

The strawberries and baby spinach give you a powerful dose of antioxidants. These antioxidants help you body battle free radicals (little evil oxygenated molecules that float around your body attacking your cells; also linked to cancer, aging and other diseases).

1 cup - strawberries
2 tbsp - 2% plain yogurt
1 tbsp - all natural peanut butter
1/2 cup - low fat cottage cheese
1 handful of baby spinach

Put the strawberries in the blender with just enough water to blend it. Add the baby spinach and let the blender run for about 30 seconds. Finally add the peanut butter, yogurt and cottage cheese and blend until smooth. Enjoy!